Friday, May 28, 2010

Beginning of 2008

This is Planetary Attraction. I like the idea of worlds being dangerously close, illuminating each other's skies. It's about 3x4' and acrylic.

Steaming Forward: Weird train track/subway track traveling through land and space at the same time to who knows where.

Rolling Landscape. I didn't really have an idea for this one. Just that I like that kind of light that sometimes comes from sunsets and the sense of traveling.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

End of 2007

I really like this acrylic painting and it is at Galerie Montage in Ste.Genevieve right now. I wanted a post-apocalyptic atmosphere with gears sort of left behind as garbage but also looking alive, like funny little bugs.
Tree Gears: trees with roots turning into gears. This was done in my intaglio class. Acid etch.
Victorian Landscape: This is the first time I tried mezzotint and boy was it hard. It was alot of long, physical labour getting layers of tiny holes into a plate of copper by hand. But I like how it turned out. I was able to get about 10 good prints.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Leaving for the future

Idealizing technology and the far future is such an integral part of human nature. Well, anyway you can really see it when you go back to the Victorian Age or even just the 50's. This is my first foray into such concepts.

Alien Moon

Here is when I started incorporating my love of science fiction into my artworks. And discovered it's fun to paint planets afterall!


This is a photo lithograph print pieced together from other famous artworks and my own photos from Korea. Recognize Jackson Pollock textures? It was hard to keep all the nuanced shades from filling in while printing but a few of them turned out well.


Oops I forgot to post this one earlier. It's a collagraph which was my last print project at Dawson. It was really hard and complicated to print it so I only have one good print. I had something like 15 different plates I had to rub in the ink and then place them back together on the press like a puzzle. But creating all the different textures was alot of fun.

Friday, May 21, 2010


This is a family aquaintance running freely on top of Mt.Rigaud. He's a cute kid I just wanted to capture his exuberance. This painting is also at Galerie Montage right now

Transforming June

This is the awesome family friend I mentioned earlier. She smiles so much I was curious to see what she looks like when she's not. Turns out, pretty pensive especially with a background that makes me think of being lost in time...

Mt.Rigaud Forest

Wow it's really beautiful up there in the fall which is my favorite season! I took tons of pics. I'll show a couple here. Anyways, I wanted to capture the light over the path and through the trees. The way it hit the rocks and leaves made it simpler to use dabs of paint instead of longer strokes.

Crystal Gunk in the Sink

is the name of this one. It's my second colour litho print. I like how I integrated the colours and textures better than the first. The image came from this simple thought: What if we shed precious stones instead of dead skin cells? Wow, that's random. Maybe I'll do a painting of that too...

untitled print

This one's the first colour lithograph I did in 2006. I like the colours but not the image as much. Too much stuff going around...
The main face is a special family friend I wanted to flatter.

from grade school

For simplicity's sake I will post paintings and prints in chronological order of when I made them.

This one's from maybe Gr.7 or so. I just let my mind free and did whatever came to me and so I think it looks semi-abstract. I did this one in oil. When I was young(er) I was a total oil paint snob! I hated acrylic but now I like both.

Friday, May 14, 2010


It's a new webpage just for my artwork! It's still under construction but I will post the paintings and prints that I've already done and like. And I'll sometimes ramble about certain concepts or sources of inspiration. And I might also post a picture or two on stuff that I am working on currently.