Monday, June 28, 2010

More gears!... from early 2008

This is a little painting with a bug-like rocket taking off for the great unknown. This is when I started taking more artistic liberties with the shape of gears. Perhaps they're getting mushy by the extreme heat of the take-off.

I have no explanation for this small painting. It was just for fun and to include the insides of a clock.

This is called the Orientalist. It's about the objectifying of Asia by white people in the Victorian Age which is why there are gears in her face. She also has the hair of a Japanese geisha, a Chinese top and a Korean sleeve in reference to the fact some ignorant people (even today) don't seem to realize we're not all from the same country (like China) and lump us all together.


  1. I just 'discovered' your blog via your Facebook. There is something about your work that resonates strongly - the darkness below, the lightness above, the blend of antiquity, technology and space is unique.
    Every one of these works caught my full attention - but the Orientalist had the biggest impact probably because of my interest in history and my time spent in Asia. Your comment about the inability of most people to differentiate the subtle differences in culture (hair, blouse and sleeve) is unfortunately too true.
    Your posts stopped in late 2010 - are there more works in progress?

  2. oh hey Ken! I only just saw your comment now lol. I obviously don't update this blog very much. I'm generally too busy with school to paint much these days :( but I have two more in the works which I will post in about 2 months. thanks for your comment!