Monday, September 13, 2010

prints I didn't mention yet

I'm unfortunately on a bit of a creative hiatus as I try to get my life a bit more together so I'm still looking back at the work I've done so far. At university I had so much fun with printmaking, especially lithography, but it also drove me nuts with the unpredictable yet labour-intensive processes. It's expensive to experiment and requires access to a properly-run artist printshop so I'm not sure when I'll be able to print again. My finished editions were really hit and miss but here's one of my favorites. I used diagrams from a physics book on the motion of the resulting quarks or whatever from smashing atoms together, an image of space and I used actual gears from watches and printed them with ink on an intaglio press for the sides of the other two images. On this one I scanned them and then digitally printed them on the side. I also had fun with a rainbow roll on a litho plate. It's part of a triptych on the theme of humanity's hope in technology; that it may save us from our mortality and imperfect nature.

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  1. love the spirals from high energy particle collisions! This is amazing! Great exhibit at cafe 92, by the way, I was really impressed by your art.